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SYNLAB offers RT-PCR Covid-19 testing at dedicated, temporary drive-thru centres. Appointment bookings are essential.

If your date is not available at your preferred location, please try one of our other centres. Thank you.

• Each person that is getting tested MUST fill in the patient questionnaire.
• NO result will be given if a patient questionnaire has not been filled.
• The questionnaire MUST be filled every time a test is requested.


Hours of operation: 8am to 4pm, Mondays to Saturdays


Sundays – Closed


RESULT DELIVERY TIMES:  Monday – Saturday: 24hours TAT
Outside Lagos: 48 – 72hours TAT
Sunday Collection: No Sunday Collection


Choose your appointment slot

Pay for your test
Register and complete the questionnaire

RT-PCR Covid-19 Test price: ₦ 45,250


Let’s get started:

Choose your nearest SYNLAB Covid-19 Drive-thru Centre

Note: Ikeja Drive -Thru (Bishop Vinning location) is no longer in operation. Please visit IKEJA Walk-in 0r any other location



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We are actively working towards setting up additional testing facilities both in Lagos and in other States across Nigeria.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT accept RT-PCR Covid-19 tests in any of our regular facilities. These centres remain safe zones for our clients who have regular testing needs, without exposing them to Covid-19 risk.